Candidate Forum Video

Hello everyone,

Thursday October 11, 2018 the Candidates for City Councillor had a forum and we recorded it on video.  Here is a link to that video.

Our apologies for the video being saved vertically.  When it was recorded live via a cell phone it appeared properly.  We have looked at the settings and there are no options to rotate the video.  From you phone or tablet you can rotate that device to watch.

Thank you to Riverview Community Centre for hosting the event and Steven Place for organizing the event.  Thank you to Dean Jones from my team for doing the work behind the camera.  Thank you to the person who suggested, I loved the idea and made it happen.  Thank you to everyone who brought something to donate to Winnipeg Harvest.



Platform On Infrastructure For The Ward

OCTOBER 11, 2018 10:30 AM

Michael Thompson, candidate for City Councillor for Fort Rouge – East Fort Garry platform on infrastructure for the ward.

I have been going door-to-door for several months since announcing my candidacy for City Council.  I want to make a positive difference for the citizens in the Fort Rouge – East Fort Garry and I have consistently heard concerns about the quality of infrastructure.

I will work hard to implement the following changes:

  • Improve the quality of the sidewalks, roads and back lanes. Large parts of the ward are used by citizens on foot.  It’s important that our sidewalks are usable and safe all year round
  • Expand and link our bike lanes to promote active transportation. There needs to be improvement in our addressing the major arteries with safe bike path options
  • Upgrade the East Fort Garry Outdoor Pool
  • Upgrade and invest in our community centres. Our community centres are the heart of community.  We need to look at options for using solar energy as well as having recycling drop offs and composting centres.
  • Replace Osborne Fire Station #4. The station was built in the late 1950s and has reached its end of life. There are major layout and structure issues that don’t meet today’s needs.  A new building needs to be built to meet today’s equipment standards and the needs of our changing community.  It is one of the busiest stations in the city and will continue to grow in calls.  Fire Station #4 is having an open house this Saturday October 13 from noon to 4 pm.  I encourage the public and media to visit the fire hall to judge the condition for themselves.
  • Work to reduce traffic congestion along Osborne Street and Confusion Corner
  • Add Pedestrian Flashing Lights at River Avenue and Lewis Street
  • Re purpose land at community centre under utilized as dog park areas. One example is re purposing the tennis courts at Fort Rouge Leisure Centre

I have been listening to the community and people expect more from our city and I agree. There is a lot of work to do and I promise to work hard to address these concerns make sure our communities adapt and are the communities we hope to live in years to come.  If elected I will use city resources to support and build our communities for urban revitalization.

For further information please contact candidate
Michael Thompson at 204-272-9555
or Shelley Ireland, Media Relations at 204-272-9555 ext. 3

Downtown Market

Friday, July 28th: I visited and campaigned at the Downtown Night Market at the Manitoba Hydro building on Portage Avenue. It was a beautiful night to be outdoors and the market provided a welcoming atmosphere with a variety of vendors present. I support these types of initiatives which help to revitalize our downtown by bringing locals and visitors to the area. When speaking with folks, I met a gentleman that has lived in the city for 27 years and this was about his second time to visit downtown for an event. @DowtownWinnipegBiZ

I was impressed with Bicycle Valet Winnipeg. If you’re not familiar with the group, they set up a protected area in which you can park your bike for free. Therefore you don’t have to worry about parking your car. Just bike down and let someone look after your bike while you mingle and shop. Stephanie, head honcho, was personable and helpful with a can do spirit. @BicycleValetWpg


During my travels I came across a pop up public toilet, a recent initiative in our city. I strongly support public toilets in our downtown area. If we want to be a successful and welcoming city we need to provide basic services and facilities for local residents and visitors.

With your vote in October 2018, you can help me advocate for the continued revitalization of our downtown area and public washrooms. Together we can make a positive difference for everyone.


Michael Thompson

Our City, My Community


The other day when campaigning, I was asked where I have lived within the city. I am fortunate to say that I have lived in a variety of locations within Winnipeg since moving here in 1986.  We currently live in a side by side in Osborne Village.  I feel fortunate to find a great place, that I have renovated and update over the past 9 years.

While I was born in Winnipeg, I was lucky enough to be raised in the town of Amaranth. Those were special days – lots of time spent with extended family and a strong sense of community.

When it was time for high school, my parents wanted me to attend a Catholic school in Winnipeg. During this time I lived with my cousins in East Kildonan and traveled back and forth from Amaranth to Winnipeg every weekend via Greyhound. My cousins moved to a bigger home in Transcona and I therefore got to know route 47 quite well.

After my parents separated I then lived in South St. Vital and got to know route 14 St. Mary’s and Dakota very well.

After I graduated from high school and established a steady job in 1992, I was fortunate to live in an apartment on Wellington crescent. Folks ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh” about the address but I was excited just to be out on my own. Walking and biking to work and busing to university, I also got to know route 60.

Over the next several years I lived in various apartments located within West Broadway and Osborne village, my favourite being on Roslyn Road.

I became a home owner in 2002 and moved into my first home in Wolseley on Fawcett. I have since moved on to my current home on Wardlaw. I have done several updates and renovations as I believe in taking care of my home and investing in the future.

Coming from Amaranth, I started with no preconceived notions of which part of Winnipeg was the best. Each part of the city has its own character. Over time I have grown to love the community of Fort Rouge. It has amazing diversity, energy and potential. When I used to rickshaw, working the Corydon street festival was a highlight of the summer. But that’s a post for another day.

Where have you lived in Fort Rouge – East Fort Garry?


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