Winnipeg Municipal Golf Courses

Golf courses are a great way to get back to nature, to exercise, and to have fun. Walking on green space such as a golf course, I also appreciate the value of access to fresh air and quality outdoor recreation in our city.

Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson at the City of Winnipeg Municipal Men’s golf tournament.

Here in Manitoba we are very fortunate to be the home of some phenomenal golf courses. After playing courses in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick, I would say that we have extremely reasonable and inclusive golf courses for every type of golfer and price range. As an Ironman curler, as you would expect, I am no fair weather golfer. If you dress for the weather and pace yourself you can do anything!

One of my favorite golf courses in the area is Windsor golf course. Windsor carries many memories for me as it is where I first played golf with my high school friends. Since then I have been a frequent attendee at the course whether suiting up to play at six in the morning or bringing my nephews to golf lessons. Over the years changes have been made to the course to add more contours. Like many golf courses in the city, in the winter Windsor becomes a place to cross country ski. In my opinion this course is one of the best golf courses in the city.

In addition to the regular golf leagues offered at golf courses in the area there is also an annual municipal tournament for men and women. I look forward to this tournament every year for a variety of reasons. The tournament allows me to connect with not only my friends who are golfers but to meet new and like –minded individuals. The City of Winnipeg golf course also has a software app that allows you to make reservations. Though this is a well designed and useful app I would like to see changes so you can make a payment for your reservation over the app as well.

If elected Councillor for Fort Rouge/East Fort Garry, I would protect our active municipal golf courses; Windsor, Kildonan Park, Crescent Drive and Harbour View. I believe these courses are important to the communities and we should continue to maintain and improve their quality for generations to come. One day I hope to walk down the 10th fairway with my son at Windsor and say, “nice drive son”.

We are All Family At Folklorama

Folklorama is a spirited celebration of communities sharing their unique cultures. The festival is a wonderful asset to our city. I was fortunate to take part in the Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, and First Nations pavilions.

At the pavilion I had the honour of meeting the Shawnee Handel adult ambassador for the First Nations Pavilion, as well as elder Winston Wuttunee. Winston shared his experiences at Pembina Trails school, as an official Elder in Residence; he is making a positive difference in the lives of aboriginal youth throughout the area.

The RBC Convention Centre, home to three pavilions, has become an impressive asset to our downtown. The central location is convenient as it allows for the use of green transportation such as walking or biking, as well as relatively easy public commuting options.

Folklorama, as well as the many individual festivals Winnipeg, help tourism not only within the city, but by extension, throughout Manitoba as well. All of the shows that I attended started with a warm welcome to the guests attending from outside of Winnipeg. It was great to see people coming together and making the trip to Winnipeg to enjoy a pavilion or two.

Overall, each of the pavilion’s shows, food and cultural displays were amazing. The festival is an accessible and affordable way for the family to learn about culture and it provides an opportunity for positive conversation. We should be proud of the cultural appreciation and community spirit that we foster here in the city. I encourage everyone not only to take part in the Folklorama celebration, but to remember that it represents respect and acceptance of different cultures. To quote a particularly memorable speaker at the Italian pavilion, “We are all family”.

Water Parks and Splash Pads

The area of Fort Rouge/East Fort Garry has some great community water features.

Wading pool West Broadway


Ice Cream BDI


As a family, we’ve visited many amazing splash pads, waterslides and outdoor pools.  Our summer is so short, so please take advantage of this incredible +30 weather by hitting up one in your neighbourhood.  It’s a chance to cool off and meet others in the community.

Splash pads and wading pools are free of charge for everyone to enjoy, except those enclosed within the following outdoor pools:

Fort Rouge / East Fort Garry

Fort Rouge Spray Pad: 295 River Ave. Mon–Sun 10:00 am–9:00 pm May 26–Sept 3 Features: unsupervised spray pad

River Osborne:466 Gertrude Ave. Mon–Sun 11:00 am–5:00 pm July 2–Aug 24 Features: liner pool

Earl Grey CC: 360 Cockburn St. N Mon–Sun 11:00 am–5:30 pm July 2–Aug 24 Features: playground/slide

McKittrick Park: 790 Rathgar Ave. Mon–Sun 10:30 am–6:00 pm July 2–Aug 31 Features: playground/slide

Riverview CC:90 Ashland Ave. Mon–Sun 11:00 am–6:00 pm July 3–Aug 24 Features: playground/slide/spray features S

Fort Garry Lion’s: 969 Dowker Ave. Mon–Wed 11:00 am–5:30 pm July 2–Aug 22 Features: playground

Fort Garry Lion’s Outdoor Pool: 969 Dowker Ave. Mon–Sun 1:00–7:00 pm June 29–Aug 31

Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre: 430 Langside St. Mon–Sun 11:00 am–5:30 pm July 2–Aug 24 Features: spray features

McFadyen Park: 416 Assiniboine Ave. Thur–Fri 11:30 am–5:00 pm July 5–Aug 24
Features: playground

See City of Winnipeg aquatic fun guide for more information.

We made it to 7 of 8 water features, and understand how important these places are for our neighbourhoods and kids. We noticed that some were better then others; the potential to do more is there.

What is a summer day without ice cream?  BDI ice cream is fantastic after a day in the water.

Please help elect me to city council so that I can help our communities with these and other important family activities. Vote for Michael Thompson on October 24 to make a positive difference in everyones’ lives.

Downtown Market

Friday, July 28th: I visited and campaigned at the Downtown Night Market at the Manitoba Hydro building on Portage Avenue. It was a beautiful night to be outdoors and the market provided a welcoming atmosphere with a variety of vendors present. I support these types of initiatives which help to revitalize our downtown by bringing locals and visitors to the area. When speaking with folks, I met a gentleman that has lived in the city for 27 years and this was about his second time to visit downtown for an event. @DowtownWinnipegBiZ

I was impressed with Bicycle Valet Winnipeg. If you’re not familiar with the group, they set up a protected area in which you can park your bike for free. Therefore you don’t have to worry about parking your car. Just bike down and let someone look after your bike while you mingle and shop. Stephanie, head honcho, was personable and helpful with a can do spirit. @BicycleValetWpg


During my travels I came across a pop up public toilet, a recent initiative in our city. I strongly support public toilets in our downtown area. If we want to be a successful and welcoming city we need to provide basic services and facilities for local residents and visitors.

With your vote in October 2018, you can help me advocate for the continued revitalization of our downtown area and public washrooms. Together we can make a positive difference for everyone.


Michael Thompson

Our City, My Community


The other day when campaigning, I was asked where I have lived within the city. I am fortunate to say that I have lived in a variety of locations within Winnipeg since moving here in 1986.  We currently live in a side by side in Osborne Village.  I feel fortunate to find a great place, that I have renovated and update over the past 9 years.

While I was born in Winnipeg, I was lucky enough to be raised in the town of Amaranth. Those were special days – lots of time spent with extended family and a strong sense of community.

When it was time for high school, my parents wanted me to attend a Catholic school in Winnipeg. During this time I lived with my cousins in East Kildonan and traveled back and forth from Amaranth to Winnipeg every weekend via Greyhound. My cousins moved to a bigger home in Transcona and I therefore got to know route 47 quite well.

After my parents separated I then lived in South St. Vital and got to know route 14 St. Mary’s and Dakota very well.

After I graduated from high school and established a steady job in 1992, I was fortunate to live in an apartment on Wellington crescent. Folks ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh” about the address but I was excited just to be out on my own. Walking and biking to work and busing to university, I also got to know route 60.

Over the next several years I lived in various apartments located within West Broadway and Osborne village, my favourite being on Roslyn Road.

I became a home owner in 2002 and moved into my first home in Wolseley on Fawcett. I have since moved on to my current home on Wardlaw. I have done several updates and renovations as I believe in taking care of my home and investing in the future.

Coming from Amaranth, I started with no preconceived notions of which part of Winnipeg was the best. Each part of the city has its own character. Over time I have grown to love the community of Fort Rouge. It has amazing diversity, energy and potential. When I used to rickshaw, working the Corydon street festival was a highlight of the summer. But that’s a post for another day.

Where have you lived in Fort Rouge – East Fort Garry?


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