Michael’s Vision for our City


I will make a positive difference for individuals and families living within the Fort Rouge/East Fort Garry ward and throughout all of Winnipeg. Your vote will allow me to facilitate the necessary changes required to help Winnipeg continue to grow and improve.

Infrastructure and Transportation

I support the upgrading and expansion of our public transportation system to meet the current and future needs of our city. Improvements and changes are also necessary within our public transit system to ensure that both employees and transit users feel safe.  I will work hard to ensure that our public transportation options are safe, affordable, accessible and of good quality.

Active transportation is essential for our city. It promotes healthy living and creates the types of communities that we want for our children.  I therefore support projects such as the new Osborne/Downtown active transportation bridge, creation of additional designated bike lanes which connect to those already in existence and the expansion of our river trails to connect the various communities within our city. Initiatives such as these demonstrate that we are a future focused city that values health and wellness and believes in decreasing our carbon footprint.

Economic Development

I support the city in its plan to position itself to be a world class destination for conferences, conventions and world events.  We have already successfully hosted several national conferences and elite athletic events such as the Pan Am Games, Women’s World Cup, and the Canada Summer Games and we will continue to host such events in the future. These events bring visitors to our city who in turn create business for our restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues.

Small business are the life blood of our communities as they provide needed services, create job opportunities and help to create economic stability.  I believe in working with businesses, neighborhood biz organizations, and community members in order to strengthen our communities. We also have major companies and industries which are dependent upon our city infrastructure to compete on a global scale.  Technological innovation, collaboration and  economical growth is beneficial for everyone.

Community and Neighbourhood Growth

Our city’s population has grown significantly and we therefore need to work with community groups, businesses and higher levels of government to create affordable housing options for all citizens.

It is also necessary to improve the quality of our public services in order to meet the needs of our expanding communities. I support the utilization of technology such as smart phone apps to submit utility readings and a city website portal which would allow residents to track services, utility bills and property taxes.

I also believe in investing in community centers, programs and services that are important to constituents living within the ward. I have listened to what residents value and what they see as being the greatest needs within our community.  I therefore support the rehabilitation of buildings such as fire halls and community centers in order to meet the needs of our growing community.

Continued improvements are also required in our parks and recreation programs within our ward. I support initiatives such as increasing swimming lesson capacity to match the needs of our growing population, supporting autonomous grass cutting for community centers, and in implementing urgent strategies to save our trees from disease.

Downtown Focus

Downtown Winnipeg has become an accessible and vibrant community with thriving businesses and entertainment venues.  I am committed to making further improvements such as clearer signage, installation of public washrooms and changes to improve safety.

Constituents within the ward have identified street parking issues as a barrier to going downtown. I will advocate for no further increases in parking meter fees, the continuation of 2 hours of free parking on Saturdays and to not extending parking fees past 8 pm in order to encourage attendance at activities and events downtown.

I will support events that bring families and tourists to downtown Winnipeg.  I have been an active supporter of this as an organizer of the Ironman Outdoor Curling Bonspiel at The Forks for the past 17 years. These kind of events not only improve our city’s economy but also bring people downtown to create a sense of community.

I will work hard and be an advocate for constituents living within our community. I will ask questions and listen to the concerns and ideas of others to ensure that every voice is heard, respected, and valued. I will bring forward and follow through on initiatives that are important to our community in order to implement positive change.