Corydon Dancing on the Avenue

Summer time in the city is good living.

I took in the Corydon Business Improvement Zone (Biz) concert series on Corydon Avenue Saturday July 28, 2018. Wonderful music, great atmosphere and the weather was perfect.  I enjoyed listening to members of the community while I campaigned and we shared ideas.

Dancing & Music
Corydon Dancing on the Avenue

The venue was family friendly and the support for this concert was quite evident judging by the strong attendance.  Several announcements were made about family members celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.  The whole evening had a wonderful community feeling.  If you haven’t had a chance to attend yet, I encourage you and your family to do so.

The concert series is not only an enjoyable event but also brings foot and bike traffic to the street therefore helping to promote businesses within the area.

My hat goes off to the Corydon Business Improvement Zone team that made this evening and each concert in the concert series happen this summer.  You are a credit to your community.  You make a positive difference.

Michael Thompson