Winnipeg Fringe

Summer time in Winnipeg means festival season.  My son and I took in the Winnipeg Fringe on Sunday July22nd.  @WinnipegFringe 

It is great to see the exchange district alive and bustling. For those that are not aware, I used to pull a rickshaw in downtown Winnipeg.  It was a summer job from 1992 until 1999 with the Pan Am Games being my last time pulling.  I thoroughly enjoyed showing visitors and locals around our downtown and exchange areas.

The Winnipeg Fringe has done a lot of amazing things over the years and the area has really grown up since my rickshaw days. The changes to the Old Market square stage are wonderful and modern. The Winnipeg Fringe makes great use of our downtown spaces and helps to bring thousands of folks downtown.

Summer festivals have a largely understated impact on our city.  Festivals create jobs, boost our image on the world stage, and support the economy by bringing clientele to downtown businesses and by indirectly supporting companies that provide support services, air travel, media and advertising. Festivals also build a loyal following therefore bringing visitors back year after year.

The city has an important part to play in supporting these festivals by helping to provide services, communication plans, street closures, as well as future planing for capacity and active transportation to name a few.

With your support in being elected, I will continue to support the Winnipeg Fringe and other important festivals that make a positive difference in our community.

Thank you,

Michael Thompson