Fort Whyte Alive / Solar Panels

Hello everyone,

Another busy week of campaign work. I had the opportunity to visit Fort Whyte Alive @FortWhyteAlive where my son was enrolled at a day camp to learn about nature and the environment within our city and province. It is wonderful to have this resource and amazing facility in our city.  It provides children with the opportunity to learn more about the environment and the on-site farm provides education regarding food resources. Fort Whyte Alive also encourages children to give back to their community by volunteering as camp counsellors when they get older.

The facility also recently installed solar panels with help from provincial rebates and the company Sycanmore Energy Inc.  I wanted to learn more about this so I spoke directly with Andrew Meyer, Director of Sales and he filled me in on the innovations taking place within the solar industry.    I support these types of alternative energy initiatives as they help businesses grow, create more jobs and work towards a cleaner environment.  With your vote in October’s election, I will make sure that Winnipeg continues this important work.

For a positive difference,

Michael Thompson