Campaign Contributions – Merci!

I would like to extend a huge thank you for the first campaign contributions! Cheers to Stan M. and Judy Thompson.  Judy is my mother and a long time city employee having retired from the Winnipeg Public Library after 24 years. She has always been there for us and I am very grateful for her support.

Judy and Stan will receive their rebate of 75% in the 2019 summer. For those who are not aware the City of Winnipeg has a rebate program for civic elections. You can receive up to 75% on your donations. Both Stan and Judy donated $100 to the campaign and will receive $75 back, therefore only costing them $25.00. You can see more information on the rebate program on my website – Campaign Contributions

That brings our campaign to $800.00.  Let’s keep those donations coming in.  Your donations will make a huge difference for us to be successful. Thank you.